Pressident (B)

books / 2017

“Pressident” is a part of my ongoing project dedicated to various propaganda mechanisms examined mostly in authoritarian regimes or corrupted democracies of the former East Block. I’ve been developing this project for over a decade and “Pressident” publication is a result of my visit to Azerbaijan in 2016. It’s a collection of posters appropriating the propaganda leaflets that I found in the Heydar Aliev Centres the cultural and historical memorials are dedicated to the cult of the first president of authoritarian Azerbaijan. The scaled-up details of hands pressing various buttons belong to Ilham Aliev, the son of Haydar Aliev - who took over the power after his father died back in 2003.

design by Rafał Milach & Ania Nalecka-Milach / TBD / 5 double sided posters / 285×450 mm / printrun: 350 copies / ISBN: 978-83-938735-2-4 / publisher: Szara Gallery 2017


©Rafał Milach 2022

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