Black sea of concrete (B)

books / 2013

This 2,782 km road trip along the Ukrainian Black Sea coast took place between the Orange revolution and the Russian annexation of Crimea when the entire coastline was still an integral part of Ukraine.

„Milach, however, finds beauty in the despair. Although melancholy in tone, the book has a particularly resolute, sublime feel, one that is reminiscent of the grandeur of history paintings. The prevalence of large skies and expansive sea views offers breathers (both figurative and literal) from the interior shots that, as the title suggests, show the great lumps of dark concrete that the Ukrainians live among. Milach excels in compositional geometry, often capturing scenes with large foreground objects that create a frame within the picture frame - yet without ever repeating himself or becoming tricksy. This skill adds a lyricism to both subject and object that might otherwise come across as deadpan and clichéd. His particular view is nostalgic, hypnotic, and steeped in empathy, adding a much-needed gentleness to a harsh environment.”

Susan Bright for Photobook Review

76 pages / 27 pictures / 335×270 mm / hard cover/ print size: 21×26.5 cm / printrun: 300 copies / ISBN: 978-8393336111 / photos by Rafal Milach / texts by Rafal Milach / design by Ania Nalecka / TBD / publisher: self-published 2013



Photography Book Now 2009 - Grand Prix Winner / New York, USA

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